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LA Times Movie News
Hollywood explores the virtues and evils of social media
Film festival news conferences are generally friendly affairs, giving a movie's stars and director the chance to take a public victory lap. But when the cast of Jason Reitman's drama "Men, Women & Children" gathered at the recent Toronto International Film Festival, the promotional event...
'Fury' director David Ayer's rugged style was a hit with Brad Pitt
On a cold, rainy morning in November 2013, director David Ayer was dealing with a temperamental star.
'Giuseppe Makes a Movie' an oddly compelling look at odd auteur
More ragtag video diary than incisive feature documentary, "Giuseppe Makes a Movie" takes a swift, at times riotous walk on the wild side with the ultimate independent filmmaker, Giuseppe Andrews. Never heard of him? Let's just say this guy's cinematic oeuvre makes the early output of John...
'Awake' a vivid glimpse of West's 1st meditation guru
Fittingly enlightening, "Awake: The Life of Yogananda" is a vivid, elegantly assembled portrait of the savvy guru with the cherubic face and penetrating gaze who brought meditation to the West.
'Young Ones' wastes intriguing dire-future premise
Writer-director Jake Paltrow's dystopian potboiler "Young Ones" starts with a lip-licking premise: As a catastrophic global water shortage creates a barren globe, it also spurs a new, wild, untamed West.
In 'America the Beautiful 3,' a look at our fixation on youth
"America the Beautiful 3" continues a documentary series on the country's obsession with beauty ideals. Whereas the last installment looked at unhealthy body image, the latest explores the fixation on youth.
When it's 'Life Inside Out,' they turn to music
"Life Inside Out" is a gentle, poignant drama whose heart and head are squarely in the right place. Engaging, naturalistic performances and nicely explored real-world issues add to this absorbing film's down-to-earth appeal.
Review: 'Rudderless' a sluggishly paced melodrama
For all its noble intentions and loaded emotions, "Rudderless" proves a largely hollow, uninvolving affair. Actor William H. Macy, making his feature directing debut, never quite finds his rhythm here. The result is a sluggishly paced melodrama that inches toward its requisite catharsis.
'The Golden Era' a 'Reds'-like tale of Chinese novelist Xiao Hong
With its politically charged milieu, stormy love story and focus on intellectual circles, the biographical drama "The Golden Era" brings to mind "Reds" — although compared with Warren Beatty's grand-scale portrait of American leftists, Hong Kong's submission for the foreign-language Oscar...
Women age 50-plus display winning senses of 'Advanced Style'
The subjects of Ari Seth Cohen's photographs, all women over 50, have got it and flaunt it — "it" being a fearless sense of personal style. In their dramatic get-ups, they're a kind of walking theater. And walk they do, because they live in New York.

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