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Looking to hire a movie loving multi-tasking high achiever!
Love movies? Love people? Interested in fast paced ever changing job? We want you! Typically we are a stop on the motivated A-type personality’s path to bigger things. We like to think of ourselves as a learning experience for people who want to go on to have careers in Customer Service, Entertainment Industry, Business and Advertising. We do a lot here at the theatre and expect a lot of our employees. The show MUST GO ON meaning tasks, must get done efficiently and correctly with an eye for the big picture. Our employees must be able to work independently and fill needs as they are seen without being asked.

The Vashon Theatre is always taking applications.

Must be;
1. At least 16 years old.
2. Able to Lift 50lbs.
3. Able to change the marquee=unafraid of heights excellent spelling + spatial awareness.
4. Able to clean like a champ; bathrooms, sweeping, mopping, vacuum, Surface & Deep Cleaning.
5. A people person who can speak loudly or quietly with politeness.
6. Have rocking math skills= addition & subtraction in your head quickly & accurately.
7. Able to prioritize and multi task.
8. Able to work quickly while staying calm in stressful situations.
9. Able to follow directions and work with our family dynamic.
10. Live nearby or have reliable transportation

We do it all, we need people who are willing to do it all.
The hours; we are open almost every day of the year meaning weekends, weekdays & holidays. We are opening afternoon, evenings and late nights. AND our schedule is always changing from week to week. Shifts are short. Split shifts happen. Money is not great (start at minimum wage) but the rewards are sweet; free movies, free soda and popcorn while you work for the Vashon Theatre. There is some opportunity for some small advancement with small pay increase but only for the right person.

email us

How to apply
Please submit with your application a cover letter about yourself and why you want to work at our single screen movie theatre. We will not review applications without a cover letter. You can stop by the Theatre during open hours to pick up an application.
See you at the Movies.

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