Greentech and Backbone Present “Tickling Giants”

Backbone Campaign brings “Tickling Giants” to Vashon Theatre, Tuesday, June 27 at 6 pm. Dubbed “The Egyptian Jon Stewart,” heart surgeon turned comedian Bassem Youssef creates – in the midst of the Egyptian Arab Spring – a satirical program poking fun of politics, religion and media. The weekly program quickly becomes the most viewed television program in the Middle East, with 30 million viewers per episode. 

In a country where free speech is not legal, he and his staff endure physical threats, protest, and legal action, all because of jokes that let those in power know they’re being held accountable.

A reviewer for the New York Times writes, “There’s a lot to laugh at, and to learn from, … in this first-rate documentary, at a time when freedoms seem to be threatened everywhere. After watching, you come away feeling more proud of those freedoms, and more concerned for their future.”

The film is a Call to Action to tickle the giant: find non-violent ways to express yourself when power is abused – from a protest against a world leader to standing up to a bully in a school cafeteria.

Thank you to Island GreenTech and Vashon Theatre for support in making this event happen.

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