Big Screen Advertising
Your slide will be part of a 30 minute show that plays while people are coming into the theatre. The show is on a loop of varied length and will continue to play should we open early or start the show late. It will play before every regular film screening, approximately 9-16 times a week on average barring unforeseen events. In addition to other advertisements your slide will show with other information about the theatre and community service announcements. Your slide will play uninterrupted for your allotted time until the start of the film. You may split up your allotted time into several slides and send them as a video, and you can change your ad weekly provided it is in by the Tuesday 5pm deadline.

We are able to work with most formats but JPEGS or mp4’s are preferred. We seat 350 people, if someone is sitting in the back row they are about 80 feet from the screen. It is a good idea to use text, colors and photos that are easily seen and read from that distance. Submissions can be emailed or sent via Drop Box to the email address below.

We create your slide/video as part of a DVD. We are building the show in Adobe Premiere Pro. The Video’s Frame size is 1440 horizontal, 1080 vertical (16:9 ratio). Pixel Aspect Ratio is HD Anamorphic 1080 (1.333), and plays at 24 frames per second. You are welcome to submit audio with your slide/video, but please be aware we will turn down your audio to match the rest of the show.

The Vashon Theatre is not responsible for the licensing of your images/video/ audio you use, we assume you have the rights to the materials you submit. You will be held responsible should your content be unlicensed and by submitting an ad to the Vashon Theatre you agree to these terms.
Deadlines are Tuesdays at 5:00pm for that Friday’s show. Weeks run Friday to Thursday; Months go from Friday to the Thursday four weeks later. If your slide is for an event, the event cannot conflict with Special Events at the Vashon Theatre, Including National Theatre Live, The Metropolitan Opera, Royal Shakespeare Company, Bolshoi Ballet, Comedy Night and other one night only events. Please refer to our Website or contact us directly if you have Questions about Dates/Times.

Payment can be made by Cash, Check or Credit Card (Visa/ MasterCard) to the Vashon Theatre. Payment is Due the Thursday before the start date of your advertisement. Credit Card payments can be made in person. Cash, Check or Credit card can be paid at the Box Office during normal theatre hours.

Big Screen Per 30 Seconds


2 Weeks  $100

1 month $165
3 months $470
6 months $800
One year $1,500

Contact Jessica Tilden
Office: 206.463.6845 Forward to Cell.
Mailing Address upon request and differs